Client Projects


Factory In China

Prestige Worldwide Financial Group has worked closely with international agencies from China and Europe to fund the construction of a factory in China. By working to form a satisfactory agreement with all involved partners, PWFG has been working to raise one hundred million dollars in support of this business venture.


Convention Center in South Africa

PWFG has worked to raise twenty million dollars of funding towards developing a convention center in Johannesburg, the largest metropolis in South Africa. By connecting our client with investors and working to create business deals that satisfy all involved parties, PWFG has helped them focus on their goal of developing a center to facilitate Chinese businesses and provide numerous jobs for the Chinese workforce.


Apartment Block in Missouri

Prestige Worldwide Financial Group has helped a company in the USA meet their business goals by facilitating the funding for this residential real estate development. PWFG used its various databases and networks to help find the funding for this apartment block. PWFG also worked closely with developers to obtain significant tax credits that enabled the development to proceed.


Hotels in Thailand

PWFG has used our unique business connections and highly skilled workforce to raise funds for the creation of several different hotels in Thailand. By allowing us to work on the investment finances, the company has been able to focus on their own project goals and making the best hotels that they can.


Green Tech in UK

PWFG has worked to help fund the development of green technology in the UK. This revolutionary business, which will change the way the world sees garbage, has benefitted from the business expertise at PWFG. Through our company significant funds have been raised to help the ongoing progression and expansion of their company.


Temple Productions

Temple Productions is a partner company of PWFG that focuses on helping raise funds to produce TV and movie projects that we believe are entertaining, inspiring, and fulfilling. Temple Productions is currently working on several different projects, such as Be The Change, a TV show that highlights the charity work of Hollywood’s biggest stars. For more information on Temple Productions and to find a point of contact, click here.